Meridian BYOD Wireless Network Information

Meridian students 8th-12th grade are issued an account for the Meridian BYOD wireless network. When you've been granted access to the Meridian BYOD wireless network, an email will be sent to your student e-mail address with your splash page login credentials. Use these credentials to connect to the Meridian BYOD wireless network. Only one associated device may be used at a time per student account.

Before you'll be able to enter the credentials that were emailed to you, you'll first need to connect to the wireless network:

SSID:                     Meridian BYOD
WPA2 Password:  meridian 2011!

Once connected to the Meridian BYOD wireless network, open a browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  You'll be taken to a splash page where you can enter the Meridian BYOD credentials (your student email address, and the password that was sent to you from  If you have forgotten your login credentials, or need to change the password for any reason, open a support ticket by sending an email from your student e-mail account to and new credentials will be emailed to your student email address.